Tech Hosted by LANACO 2015

13.10.2015. – 14.10.2015.

13.10.2015. – 14.10.2015.


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LANACO Technology center / info desk


We've redefined how enterprise software creates business value in the digital economy. Now it's all about digitizing your enterprize to run simple. Experience the massive simplification and innovation delivered with our next-generation business suite, SAP S/4HANA.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Microsoft Azure - Core Foundations

As part of his lecture, the lecturer will cover the basic concepts of the Microsoft Azure platform, provide insight into existing and future services it offers, consider pricing models and payment mechanisms and look at some scenarios in which each company can achieve direct savings with negligible investment.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Surf the clouds with Huawei

  • How to start with Cloud
  • How to contiue building it in the right direction
  • Private or public? Or Both?

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Business-oriented data centers from Fujitsu

Fujitsu, as one of the largest global companies in the field of IT hardware, services and software, pays special attention to the analysis of the needs of business users and solving their problems in creating its own solutions. This presentation briefly looks at how Fujitsu looks at the business environment in which the products and services it offers are used and how it shapes them.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Take control of cloud costs, take advantage of a hybrid cloud

How much do you use cloud services? Practice shows that errors in estimating the order of magnitude are 10-15 times. Try free cloud consumption. Cloud consumption classifies cloud services into authorized and unauthorized. Detects whether cloud services are compliant (HIPA or PCI) and detects cloud services that bypass IT. You are back from a cloud conference with a free token to test the public cloud. If you want to simply move from a public cloud to a private cloud or the nearest public cloud after testing, test Cisco intercloud for free, which allows easy migration between different clouds. A common question is how complex migration is. Thanks to "network as a code" and Intecloud, the migration comes down to replacing the sim card on a mobile phone or reprogramming the car from the American to the European market.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Oracle - Powering Innovation by Simplifying IT

By using the latest solutions and technologies, whether they are implemented in private data centers or in a public Cloud environment, Oracle not only eliminates the complexity of IT solutions, but also contributes to the overall alignment of business needs with IT support, making serious progress. business innovation. The result of using Oracle solutions and technologies is reflected in faster implementation of business support applications, their greater availability, better performance and manageability, which together improve business performance. Oracle open and integrated solutions offer very high performance with the lowest implementation and maintenance costs, enabling the construction of an optimized infrastructure that meets all the specific business needs of users. The presentation "Oracle - Powereing Innovation by Simplifying IT" will introduce you to Oracle solutions and technologies that can enable companies to make serious strides in innovation of their business, and which are easy to implement.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

HP Big Data Solutions - Bridge to tomorow with impact today

Think on how Big Data concept will change the world tomorrow. Think of it today, as if you are planning to start Big Data project tomorrow, you are just one day late.Find out how Big Data platform impact the performance of your data, what are the servers and storages who supports data today and if they are ready for tomorrow.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Why hackers don't care about firewall

In this presentation Ivan Ščavničar will show you why traditional ways of protecting your web services are not enough anymore and how Fortinet deals with new sophisticated attacks. In the second part of presentation there will be short demo showing some of most common attacks and how to protect against it.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Huawei Cutting edge Solutions for Enterprise business

The number of mobile devices and the need to corporatize phones and private computers is growing. The need to connect appliances and door knobs to doors in terms of smart solutions such as eHealth, eEducation, eGovernmant, Smart Parkings, etc. The need for a resilient and programmable Cloud environment promotes service centralization as well as software infrastructure management. Huawei Technologies is a global manufacturer of infrastructure components that is the only one to see and solve the trends of future applications from end to end.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Kaspersky Lab - Far Beyond Simple Endpoint Protection

New holistic approach to Cyber Security. Overview and main characteristics of Kaspersky Lab New Technologies and Services that give IT Security new meaning and expanding into new areas where security DNA from KasperskyLab have been used in New Solutions nad New Services suitable for Companies and Companies and Governmantal agencies.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

Data Center Infrastructure and The global specialist in energy management and automation

  • Complete Schneider Electric solutions
  • Data center infrastructure planning
  • Modular solutions according to the principle: plan the final configuration and invest only as much as you need at that moment
  • Water and fire safety

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

EMC XtremIO and All Flash Storage trends

EMC XtremIO, a revolution in storage technology, the latest trends and concepts, as well as a completely new approach to the use of flash technology in modern data centers.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall

vSphere 6 and Beyond...

VMware vSphere is the absolute leading platform for server virtualization in a global context. However, in the data center, in addition to the server, there are other extremely important parts, such as the network and storage system. By virtualizing network and storage resources, users can use the same benefits as they already do with server virtualization and create what is now called Software Defined Enterprise - a new operating business model adapted to the modern business environment.



Tech Hosted brings together representatives of the largest IT companies in one place.

Nataša Rojec Spindler / SAP

Natasa’s career with SAP started in 1995 when she was working as consultant in partners companies. In 2002 she was started working as SAP consultant, after which she proceed her career as project manager. Since 2007 she has been working at Global Partner Organisation where she is a Business Developer for package solutions.

Admir Tuzović / MICROSOFT

Admir Tuzović is employed as a Technical Evangelist at the Microsoft office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where through his daily activities he promotes the latest Microsoft technologies, with a current focus on the Microsoft Azure platform. He has many years of experience in the architecture of distributed solutions on the ASP.NET framework.

Novak Vuković / HUAWEI

IT solution Manager at Huawei Technologies responsible for the roles of pre-sales in the Balkan region.

Mirko Grujičić / FUJITSU

Mirko Grujicic has been working for Fujitsu since 2008 and deals with the so-called presales, which includes analyzing the needs of users, creating solutions to meet those needs, educating colleagues and partners involved in the Fujitsu program and similar jobs. He was born in 1982 in Pljevlja (Montenegro), grew up in Belgrade, where he graduated from the First Belgrade Gymnasium and graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, majoring in Telecommunications. During his studies he was an active member of international organizations of technical students. A passionate basketball companion, a recreational volleyball player.

Josip Zimet / CISCO

Josip Zimet began his career at Cisco in 1998 at an escalation center in Belgium. He is currently working on promoting Cisco cloud services in South East Europe. Josip Zimet holds a CCIE routing and switching internationally recognized certificate.

Ermin Prašović / ORACLE

Ermin Prašović has been working at Oracle BiH since 2004 as a Principal Technology Sales Consultant. He has many years of experience related to projects based on Oracle technology: Oracle database, Exadata platform, and Oracle Fusion Midleware (application servers, SOA and identity and access management). He has been working in the IT industry for over 17 years. Prior to joining Oracle, he gained experience in private IT companies in BiH and abroad: three years as a designer and developer of application software based on Oracle technology, and three years as an external consultant for the T-mobile group (Deutsche Telekom AG.). It is Oracle Enterprise Architecture (OEA) certified for Oracle Core technology.

Duško Milošević / HP

Duško Milošević is a technical consultant for servers and server solutions at Hawlett Packerd. His field of interest is projects based on Hawlett Packard hardware and software geared towards delivering advanced solutions to users. Duško has been in the IT industry since 1999, and has been with Hawlett Packard since 2008. It currently covers several countries in the region by providing Hawlett Packard consulting services to partners and customers. He is married and has three children.

Ivan Ščavničar / FORTINET

Ivan Ščavničar is Presales System Engineer working in Fortinet, covering Adriatic region. He has more than 10 years of experience with Network Security, Routing and Switching. Before Fortinet he was working for big Systems Integrator in Croatia, dealing with many Security vendors and technologies, which gives him broad knowledge of what market has to offer.

Ivan Trebaljevac / HUAWEI

Experienced, highly motivated and business oriented E2E Solution Manager with 7+ years of experience with 50+ projects, with proven ability to recognize, develop, coordinate, manage and lead multimillion-dolar projects and turn-key solutions. Heands-on experience leading all stages of system development efforts, including high-level system designs, consulting, pre-sales, clarifying and trubleshooting issues, mobilizing, motivating and guiding cross-functional teams in vertical industy solutions, client communication, and continiously acheving targets on time.

Dragan Davidovć / KASPERSKY

Dragan joined Kaspersky Lab in 2013 as the company’s Channel Manager for Southeastern Europe – Slovenia, Croatia, Srebia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, FYROM, Albania, Grece and Cyprus. In his role, Dragan is responsible for building partner network, strong relationship between company and partners, same as sale and pre-sale support. His career in IT dates back to 1997. Previous job have included from reseller company as brand manager for 5 years. Dragan graduated in Bijeljina, on Viša Škola za Spoljnu trgovinu, in 1996.

Hajrudin Džananović / SCHNEIDER

Hajrudin Džananović, born in 1956 in Zavidovići, graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Employed at Schnider Electric for 8 years. Prior to that in Tobačna tovarna Ljubljana, Remtsma Hamburg Gmbh, Imperial Tobaco Group, Unis Elkos Ljubljana.

Milenko Krivokuća / SCHNEIDER

Milenko Krivokuća, born in 1974 in Banja Luka, graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Banja Luka, Department of Electrical Power Engineering. Since 2003 he has worked in several local companies in the field of Electrical Engineering, and since 2006 he has been employed by Schneider Electric and is responsible for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dejan Živanović / EMC

With over 17 years of experience in the IT industry and over 10 years as a member of the EMC Technology Solutions team in Southeast and Central Europe, he has participated in many complex projects in Serbia and other countries in the region. Specialist for storage platforms, business continuity / disaster recovery, software solutions, virtualization, cloud computing, software defined solutions.

Nenad Aleksić / VMWARE

Nenad Aleksić has been working for VMware as a Territory Manager for the Adriatic region and Bulgaria since 2012. He is in charge of business development, as well as relations with VMware customers and partners in this region. Decades of experience in the IT industry, he built in addition to VMware and Microsoft, where he worked in various positions in the local office in Belgrade, as well as in regional positions in Central and Eastern Europe. Nenad holds a master’s degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.


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