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LANACO Technology Centerr / conference hall
LANACO / Dragan Ninić


Introduction and announcement of events at the Tech hosted conference.

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LANACO Technology Center / conference hall
LANACO / Vojislav Opačić and Nemanja Dragović

Reshaping your business with Data science

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) represent a revolution in the financial world, advancing and constantly changing the banking world for the better. The benefits of monitoring modern technologies are great, although most banks are still in the early stages of adopting AI technology.

The possibilities of applying AI and ML in the financial sector are huge, and some of them are: credit decision making, risk assessment and management, fraud prevention, personalization of the offer to the client, product recommendation based on user characteristics, content analysis from social networks, client departure prevention , optimization of the amount of money in ATMs, optimization of routes for transporting money and many others. If these are topics that can fix your business, then our story is just for you.

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LANACO / Srđan Zagorac

Go Parking by LANACO

A significant part of the smart city mosaic is the optimization of traffic flow by preventing traffic congestion and maximum time savings when searching for a parking space. Information on the availability of parking spaces provided by the installed IoT equipment, offers better management of parking capacities and reduces traffic congestion caused by the search for a free parking space as one of the factors. Go Parking System uses modern technological and communication solutions in order to achieve more efficient management of parking systems.

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LANACO Technolgy Center / conference hall
VEEAM / Nemanja Pejić

Veeam Availability Suite™ v10

In early 2020, Veeam® Software, the global leader in backup that delivers Cloud Data Management™, announced the general availability of its Veeam Availability Suite™ v10, ushering in the next generation of data protection capabilities that increase data availability, portability, and extensibility. First introduced in 2008 as Veeam Backup & Replication™, Veeam’s flagship Backup solution - Veeam Availability Suite - now delivers modern file data protection for Networked Attached Storage (NAS), Multi-VM Instant Recovery™ to automate disaster recovery (DR) and greatly enhanced ransomware protection. With greater platform extensibility, data mining through APIs, and more than 150 major enhancements, Veeam has launched the industry’s most robust solution for complete data management and protection for hybrid-cloud environments.

V10 key capabilities are:

  • Modernize and simplify the protection of large file shares and file servers with powerful NAS backup.
  • Keep business running with the next-generation Instant Recovery engine, and Multi-VM Instant Recovery for disaster recovery from massive data center outages.
  • Simplify off-site backup and get 100% bulletproof protection from ransomware and insider threats with enhanced S3 object storage integration and immutable backups.
  • Reuse backup data to find new insights and put backups to work with greater platform extensibility and simplified third-party data analysis software integration with the NEW Veeam Data Integration API.

LANACO Technology Center / restaurant

Coffee break & Quick snack

Coffee, tea and other refreshments for visitors of the TECH hosted by LANACO conference, which will be served in the restaurant on the ground floor of the LANACO Technology Center.

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LANACO Technology Center / conference hall
KASPERSKY / Srđan Gligorić

Kaspersky integrated endpoint security powered by EDR&Sandbox technologies

Integrated Endpoint Security delivers an effective defense against advanced threats targeting organizations of different sizes, without stretching their own resources. Kaspersky multi-layered approach, combining a full stack of powerful protection, detection and response technologies in one tightly integrated solution, protects private and public customers against attacks.

Innovative technologies mean that very large numbers of incidents can be dealt with fast and effectively, leaving in-house specialists free to focus only on those that really require human input.

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LANACO Technology Center / conference hall
LENOVO / Aleksandar Aksentijević

Simplify Business with Software Defined Solutions

Now a days, more than ever it is important to adapt to constant changes that are affecting our businesses. It departments are facing exponential growth of new requests for new solutions, new channels enablement, new selling tools, new workspace enablement... Life in IT has always been very dynamic and now we are facing a dimension we never expected. We are delivering “miracles”. As “miracles” don’t last forever we need to help our selves to properly support the business now and prepare for what is coming. We can all agree that demands towards IT can and will only grow.

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LANACO Technology Center / conference hall
DELL EMC / Dragan Jovančić

Powerstore - the future of storage solutions

PowerStore provides a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads. PowerStore achieves new levels of operational simplicity and agility. It uses a container-based microservices architecture, advanced storage technologies, and integrated machine learning to unlock the power of your data. PowerStore is a versatile platform with a performance-centric design that delivers multidimensional scale, always-on data reduction, and support for next-generation media. PowerStore brings the simplicity of public cloud to on-premises infrastructure, streamlining operations with an integrated machine-learning engine and seamless automation. It also offers predictive analytics to easily monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot the environment. PowerStore is highly adaptable, providing the flexibility to host specialized workloads directly on the appliance and modernize infrastructure without disruption. It also offers investment protection through flexible payment solutions and data-in-place upgrades.


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