Program 2021

14 – 15.10.2021.

TECH hosted 2021 – Game Changing

Technology experts from all over the world will once again bring novelties to representatives of the public and private sector from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Tech Hosted conference, under the new slogan:”Game changing”.

The largest multi-vendor event will be held on 14-15 October 2021, at the LANACO Technology Center in Banja Luka, in accordance with the prescribed measures of the World Health Organization (WHO), with live streaming for all visitors who will not be able to attend the event due to measures against COVID-19.

The second day of the conference, dedicated to students, will be held on October 15, in the online format.

LANACO Technology center / info desk


When registering at TECH hosted by LANACO 2021, please register at the Info Desk of the Technology Center.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
Dragan Ninić / Head of LANACO Business development group


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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
BURAK CANBOY / Founder & President of win.rar GmbH

Memes & Compressed Anecdotes

.RAR, WinRAR, RARLAB.COM and win.rar GmbH during 20 years of GAME CHANGING

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
VEEAM / Nemanja Pejić

Why protecting your Microsoft Office 365 data?

Although sensitive Cloud data is stored in Office365 documents, an estimated 76% of organizations do not have backup copies. Now is the time to find a backup solution that offers you full access and complete control over your data. We reveal how to protect yourself from accidental deletion, internal and external security threats, and other risks you may face when you are not using a backup solution designed for Office 365.

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LANACO Technology center / restaurant

Coffee break & Quick snack

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
Kaspersky / Srđan Gligorić

ASAP - a platform for online education of employees on threats in the field of IT security

The modern age, i.e. digitalization, brings new threats to companies and individuals, threats in the field of IT security. As an individual, but also as a member of an organization, the employee must be able to recognize possible attacks in his personal space (e-mail accounts, social networks, online banking, etc.) as well as in the company space where potential damage from attacks can be measured in tens or hundreds of thousands of euros. KASAP educates employees on risks, threat recognition and proper behavior at work in order to avoid incidents in the digital age.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
LENOVO / Aleksandar Aksentijević
LENOVO / Moustafa Abdelhai

Virtually simple - software defined Data Center

Virtualized and software-defined resources in the Data Center are no longer a novelty but something that more and more of our users in the region are adopting. The reasons are very simple, users have a need for greater efficiency, faster and more flexible computing resources. One of the essential prerequisites for our customers is that they can take small steps, easily master new technologies and not have to start all over again with high investment costs.

Improve efficiency with 3rd Generation Xeon IceLake and Intel Optane Technology, Performance made flexible

With Ice Lake, Intel and Lenovo provide workload Optimized (cloud, enterprise, HPC, network, security, and its workloads), Built-in AI and Crypto Acceleration, Enhanced Security, PCI-Gen4 support, and Increased Memory. With Optane: Add responsiveness to your system at a low cost. Intel Optane memory brings personalization and speed right to your fingertips.

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LANACOTechnology center / restaurant

Coffee break & Quick snack

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
HP Enterprise / Jemin Vlaho
HP Enterprise / Denis Stanarević

HPE Pensando - Cloud technology available to everyone

The current data center architecture requires many different tools for data center management and functionality. Such tools perform something called the trombone effect which is ineffective. To solve this problem, Cloud providers have been using new technology in their Data Centers for a couple of years now. Using HPE servers and Pensando technology, users get a management tool that provides benefits such as reduced TCO, reduced complexity, and improved performance in existing enterprise environments and scalability.

Intelligence for 100 percent data availability - a look under the hood

An informal survey of data center administrators and owners singled out the worst question you can ask at the beginning of a business conversation. The question is: "What keeps you awake late at night?" Terms like: latency, workload, availability, management, infrastructure upgrade and tuning, infrastructure and data silos, etc. make such conversations even more complex. The lecture brings a shift in the paradigm of data infrastructure availability and views from the perspective of application and data users. How do today’s data infrastructure superheroes do it?

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
FORTINET / Duško Milošević

Why Fortinet is your next solution

Learn how organizations around the world maintain visibility and consistent policy enforcement at the time of a network edge explosion, making the network perimeter ready to deliver the expected secure user connection with a high-performance application. Customers expect the best performance from the platform for cyber-security in the industry, and we reveal to you why Fortinet is your first next solution.

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LANACOTechnology center / restaurant

Coffee break & Quick snack

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
DELL EMC / Dragan Jovančić

Cyber recovery – IT bunker for your data

Today’s time no longer raises the question of how a cyber attack on your company will occur, but when! Protecting your organization from the inevitability of cyber attacks, especially ransomware, requires a multi-layered approach. You have to prevent attacks, but you have to be prepared for the worst. As one of the first such solutions on the market, the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery solution protects your organization's most important data. Through innovations based on automation and analytics, your data is removed and isolated from cyber attacks within a secure data vault. Dell EMC Cyber Recovery brings flexibility and automation by using robust analytics, predicting security vulnerabilities, and detailed analysis of your system's performance.

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LANACO Technology center / conference hall
LANACO / Darko Marinković

Key note - AI/ML in production – how to get there?

Learn how to successfully overcome common and less common obstacles, which you may face on the way to the production of AI / ML models, listen to the keynote lecture "AI / ML in production - how to get there?"

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LANACO Technology center / restaurant

Lunch & Networking


TECH hosted 2021 – Student day


LANACO Technology center / online


LANACO Technology center / online
LECTURE / Mladen Veletić

Key note lecture

LANACO Technology center / online
LANACO / Jelena Mijatović

Data Science Mindset

This presentation will introduce you to a new way of thinking in the IT world, Data Scientist thinking. Through an example of a specific problem and a presentation of the technologies that have been applied, you will gain insight into the complete flow of thought on the Data Science project, from searching for the problem to its solution.

LANACO Technology center / online
Jasmin Marić

Development and Potential of e-Business in BiH

For years, e-business has been gaining more and more influence on the industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A synonym for online shopping on our market today is definitely the platform, formerly known as 3D Kingdom,, (today, ... Behind all these platforms stands a team of entrepreneurs who have recognized the opportunity that business brings them via the Internet. In front of them, at the Student Day of this year's Tech Hosted by LANACO conference, Jasmin Marić, Business Development Manager of OLX Group, will speak to us.

LANACO Technology center / online

Gaming industry in BiH and a Region

How developed is the Gaming industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region? Is Gaming a hobby or a job today?
We will get answers to these, and many other questions, first hand - from the best gamers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The participants in the panel discussion are Nedim Lepić, Fedja Đedović, Elsin Uzunović, Đordje Blagojević and Haris Čolaković. A moderator will be Matea Alikadić, marketing manager of Connect Arena.
Fans of games LoL, CS: GO, GTA, PES ... See you.

LANACO Technology center / online

Prize Contest


Tech Hosted by LANACO

It is rated as a unique IT experts and their clients gathering. It is an outstanding opportunity for them to exchange their experiences in panel discussions, round tables and presentations. Tech Hosted by LANACO, pleasure and profession link.


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