The fifth Tech Hosted by LANACO conference has started

14.10.2019. | News

The fifth largest multi-vendor conference Tech Hosted by LANACO started today, October 14, 2019. and will last until Friday, October 18, 2019.

During the first day of the conference, as part of a panel discussion, visitors had the opportunity to hear about the challenges of information security in the 21st century. Cybercrime is a topic that is talked about a lot and represents a serious challenge for the world’s largest companies. Hacker attacks are becoming more common and it seems that companies in the digital age are having a hard time dealing with the challenge of maintaining the security of their information systems and storing data.

This was reason enough to put this topic on the first day of this year’s Tech Hosted by LANACO conference.

As part of the panel discussion that opened this year’s conference on: CyberSecurity in Cloud computing, experts in this field spoke about ways to protect the data of companies operating in the Cloud, while visitors were able to in the right place, at the right time and they learn more about this global trend in the right way.

In the continuation of the day, visitors can expect lectures from world-famous IT companies, IT experts from the country. Fortinet presented a solution that includes next-generation best-in-class security systems (NGFW), SD-WAN, advanced routing and WAN optimization capabilities, while a Cisco representative spoke about ways to manage the network in order for companies to digitize their business as successfully as possible.

Later in the day, visitors can expect presentations from Kaspersky, Microsoft, Veeam and Sophos.

The conference attracted a lot of attention from businessmen from the public and private sectors, who are interested in accepting the benefits of the digital transformation process.

More details about the conference can be found at: or via social networks.