The first day of Tech Hosted by LANACO conference was dedicated to global IT leaders and IT experts from the country and region

15.10.2018. | News

Within the panel discussion that opened this year’s conference on the topic: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – Real Economic Impact, experts from the field talked about one of the most intriguing topics of global IT, while visitors were able to take the right place at the right time and in the right way to learn more about this global trend.

The widespread use of Blockchain and cyberspace in the business environment can cause major changes in the previous understanding of many traditional businesses such as financial services industries, banks and insurance.

On this day, more than 100 visitors to the conference were able to listen to news from the following companies: Microsoft, Fujitsu, Samsung, Oracle, Fortinet, Omnitech, Microfokus, LANACO, KimTec.