The second day of the Tech hosted by LANACO conference in the name of the concept of Smart City, IoT and Artificial Intelligence

15.10.2019. | News

In the first part of the day, visitors had the opportunity to listen to an interesting panel discussion on the topic: Smart cities in the era of Artificial Intelligence & IoT.

At this panel discussion in the presence of Adnan Huremović (BH Telecom), Tatjana Vučić (Bit Alliance) and Erik Johnson (Delegate), the importance and application of the Smart city concept in our country was discussed. At the end of the panel discussion, the representatives of the LANACO company presented their GO platform, ie the Smart city concept. In his presentation, Lenovo talked about the ThinkPad and what has been behind the most famous business-oriented laptop in the world for 30 years. How did the idea for the design, development and sale of a laptop known for its black, minimalist and business look, but above all for the reliability, mobility and durability that the business user prefers, come about. Dell EMC presented its backup strategies. While HP Enterprises introduced the latest storage solutions based on artificial intelligence systems. In the second part of the day, IBM talked about Security solutions for information security management, after which Utimaco presented Security hardware modules.

The luckiest participants of the second day had the opportunity to win valuable prizes: Drone, Lenovo tablet, Aruba access point, Amazfit PACE sports smartwatch with GPS.