The second day Tech Hosted by LANACO conference was dedicated to Digital Transformation in Medicine

16.10.2018. | News

About the term known as Medicine 2.0. In the Panel discussion, with the presence of eminent experts in the field of medicine and IT, the ways of use and the importance of IT in the treatment of patients, the prevention of certain diseases and its impact on the further development of medicine were discussed. The panel discussion attracted great attention from medical institutions, medical staff, laboratories, and numerous non-governmental organizations in the field of medicine from the country and the region.

During the day, visitors could hear about the significance and ways of security when using modern techniques and technologies, but also to get informed with modern Data Centers, with the presence of leading companies in the field, such as: Microsoft, Lenovo, Real Security- a, Kaspersky, McAfee, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Also, the Cooperation Agreement was signed with one of the largest laboratories in the region, the company Aqualab from Belgrade.