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Khaled Mokhtar

Chairman, IEEE Credentialing, Educational Activities Board

“It's a great pleasure to be here in Banja Luka. It is a beautiful city. I am happy to be connecting with all of these professionals from the region, and I was surprised by the number of attendees. It is a great event with a great crowd and organization. There are many challenges for Telcos. As I can see, there are two major challenges: having the right talent and keeping it up to date. We have a lot of technology and it is moving very fast and talent is becoming rarer. So astechnology advancing, we need to upskill our talents in the near future. These are the major concerns we would be facing in the future.”

Magda Milas

Fintech Expert @A1 | President and Co-Founder Alice in blockchains

"I am very honoured that you invited me as one of the main speakers, especially since it is about the subject of Fintech, in which I have been very intensively involved for the last few years. My lecture was a kind of analysis of the Croatian market, which is very innovative in terms of Fintech development products. Some predictions regarding the further development of innovation in Croatia will definitely continue, especially between Fintech and banks, and what I also see is mutual regional cooperation between Fintech, which is necessary in terms of mutual prosperity. We can say that we are very much in the Fintech revolution and changes on a global level are happening day by day."